My mother has lived here for over two years. While it was a difficult, very emotional task to find her an Assisted Living residence, she adores this place. It’s very clean, very nice and has attentive staff. My mother is always telling me how much she loves staying there. Her happiness is what means most to our family. We don’t have to worry about her as the staff is competent and attentive to her needs.
Deb B.

Anyone who has had a loved one in hospitals or nursing homes knows how painful and discouraging the facilities can be. Frankly, we all know that the person who is sick or elderly really just wants to be at home. However, some times this is just not possible. That is why a place like Sunny Hills is so wonderful. My mom was elderly and facing many physical and mental difficulties, and we needed a place for her. I had long experience with nursing homes, since my wife had spent years in such facilities through a long battle with MS. When I found Sunny Hill I knew right away this was the right place for my Mom. It is small and homey, with a maximum of eight persons living there. The house is on a hill with a lovely view of the Moreno Valley area. Shelley and the staff were all wonderful, treating my Mom with the respect and love she deserved after a long and fruitful life. I highly recommend Sunny Hills if you are looking for a place that feels like home, and where the staff is cheerful and giving and responsive. Thanks to Shelley and Sunny Hill for making my Mom’s last months sweet for her!
Mark Hattam, Bonita, CA